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16 Jul

Slowing down on my daily photo posts

Slowing down on my daily photo posts.

In a world where everything seems to be moving at a rapid pace, I have decided to take a step back and slow down on my daily photo posts. As a passionate photographer, capturing moments has always been a joyful pursuit for me. However, recently, I have come to realize that in my quest to share the beauty of the world with others, I have neglected to fully immerse myself in the experiences that lie beyond the lens. So, with a cheerful heart, I have made the decision to embrace a new rhythm and savour each photographic adventure to its fullest.

Yes, I’m slowing down on my daily posts

Gone are the days of hastily snapping a photo just for the sake of meeting a self-imposed deadline. I have come to appreciate that photography is not just about the end result, but also about the journey that unfolds before me. By slowing down on my daily posts, I now have the opportunity to truly connect with my surroundings and find beauty in the simplest of moments.
I think this is important. In my last post, I’d welcome the summer. It’s finally here but staying behind the laptop, scheduling the posting of photos, is not showing the world around you.

I had a beautiful week in Drenthe last week with a photoshoot of bee-eaters and more birdies

Last week, I embarked on a captivating adventure to Drenthe, where I was greeted by the enchanting world of bee-eaters and other magnificent bird species. The vibrant colours of these feathered creatures, harmonizing with the lush green backdrop, were truly a sight to behold. With each click of my camera, I not only captured their exquisite beauty but also felt a profound sense of gratitude for being able to witness these magical beings in their natural habitat.
It was also amazing to see the Waxwing, Penduline Tit, Wryneck, Red-fronted Serin and the Beach lark. Just to name some of the species I saw.

Slowing down on my daily photo posts

Next 2 weeks I’ll have the rest of my Holiday before going back to work

As I scroll through the photos from my recent adventure, I can’t help but feel a sense of excitement for the next two weeks of my holiday. With no work commitments looming over me, I have the luxury of devoting myself entirely to my passion for photography. Whether it’s exploring hidden gems in my local area or venturing further afield, I am eager to let my lens guide me through moments of awe and wonder. These precious weeks offer the perfect opportunity to recharge, reconnect with my creativity, and find inspiration in the world around me.

But, it will not be photography alone.
I planned 2 visits to the cinema and, this will be very exciting for my son, skydiving!

Taking photos is still going strong

Although I may be slowing down in my daily posts, my love for photography remains as strong as ever. In fact, this decision has allowed me to approach each photo shoot with renewed enthusiasm and a fresh perspective. By taking the time to immerse myself in the art of capturing moments fully, I have discovered a whole new level of joy and fulfilment. Whether it’s the gentle rays of daylight filtering through the trees or the candid smiles of strangers, I am reminded that life’s most extraordinary moments are often found in the simplest of frames.

Embracing a slower pace in the world of daily photo posts has proven to be a delightful journey of self-discovery. By loving the experiences behind the lens, I have learned to appreciate the beauty that unfolds in front of it. So, as I embark on the next phase of my photographic adventure, I invite you to join me in savouring each moment and finding joy in the art of slowing down. After all, we indeed come alive in these moments of stillness and that’s why I’m slowing down on my daily photo posts. (for now).

Y’all take care and enjoy my site and the galleries!

23 Jun

Summer is finally here

Summer is finally here

Summer is finally here! Let’s celebrate the sun

Summer is finally here and it’s the perfect time to celebrate the sun. Whether you’re at the beach, park, or just hanging out in your backyard, there’s always something to do in the sunshine. Take a dip in the pool, go for a bike ride, or have a picnic with friends and family.
Don’t forget to capture these moments with your camera. The sun provides plenty of natural light for your photos, making them bright and colourful.

Summer is finally here

How to make the most of your summer days with your camera

Summer is the perfect time to experiment with your camera. Take advantage of the bright and colourful scenery by trying out different angles and compositions. You can play with the aperture and shutter speed to create unique effects. You can also experiment with different lenses to capture landscapes, portraits, and action shots. Don’t be afraid to get creative, and remember that the more you practice, the better you’ll get.

Use your camera anytime you can!

Don’t wait for a special occasion to use your camera. Take it with you wherever you go, and snap photos of anything that catches your eye. Whether it’s a colourful sunset, a blooming flower, or a funny sign, there’s always something worth capturing. Remember, the best camera is the one that’s always with you.

Summer is the perfect time to unwind, have fun, and capture memories with your camera. Whether you’re at home or on vacation, make the most of your summer days by celebrating the sun, experimenting with your camera, and taking photos whenever you can. With these tips in mind, you’ll be sure to have a summer filled with fun and unforgettable memories.

In my previous post, I wished you all a happy photographing so take your chance while you can 😉
Summer is finally here so make it worth it.

What else?

In my previous post, I mentioned that I ordered a Drone with a 4K camera.
Well, it was no success as it had some flaws.
I tried it in the living room (not a good thing to do) and it mowed some plants of mine.

I attempted to fly it again in the garden but for some reason, it had a mind of its own.
With a hard turn to the right, it flew straight into the hedge, all the way up.
After I tried it again it banked hard to the left and went straight into the hedge on the other side of the garden. (oops)

You can imagine that it was not worth the money so I’d send it back and received a refund.
End of the drone story. (for now)

31 May

All galleries are back online

All Galleries are back online

All galleries are back online.

It took a while to find all photos of the last few years, which I posted and showed in a gallery. But I made it.
The first galleries from July 2018 and onward are available again. Last year in October and November, something went wrong with my provider.
Attempting logins from non-existing users, galleries no longer available, actually a total website breakdown.
But all galleries are back online, and the 2023 May gallery is online too.

In the meantime

In the meantime, everything went on as usual. After having the site back functioning, I could go on as if nothing had happened.
I started making more back-ups of everything to make sure this is not happening again in the future.
Maybe I’ll change my provider and move to one with a cloud solution.
Anyway, that’s something for later.


My son Edze is practising Taekwondo, and I’ve been asked to take photos during training sessions and tournaments.
Because of some privacy issues, I’m not posting them on my site and have them available for everyone but only for the Taekwondo participants.
Making indoor sports photos is something I’m not used to. So some experimenting is in order. I recently bought a new Fujifilm body. The X-H2…..
What a beast of a machine that is!!

The Fujifilm X-H2

I’ve been using the Fujifilm X-T3 for years and am very happy with it. Compared to the Nikon D7200 I bought in 2016, it is a fantastic camera.
I was orienting myself on a full-frame body, but in the end, it became the Fujifilm X-H2.
This decision was made because of the lenses I already owned for the Fujifilm bodies. To have more benefits from a full-frame body from Nikon, I also needed to look for other lenses with an F 2.8.
Of course, a full-frame body has advantages, but after reading some tests, I think the X-H2 will be fantastic to work with indoors.

And after doing some photography with the X-2H, I’m very impressed!

I’ll tell you more about the gear I use. Keep on the lookout 😉

What else?

This week I received the drone I ordered recently.
I’ll go with this bit of bird as some good weather is coming.
The drone has a 4K camera. I’m curious what that will give me.

Anyways, I hope to show some footage soon.

All galleries are back online, so look at my galleries and let me know what you think.

For now, take care and happy photographing!

08 Jan

ShiftyNL Photography getting shape

It takes time. A lot of time.
But slowly is ShiftyNL Photography getting shape again.

I mentioned what happened to my website in this post and this one


I republished quite a lot in the last couple of weeks:

I tried to sort the galleries in the same way I posted them on my social media channels.
Quite a job to do that ;-), but Tumbler has been a good help so far to do so.


Recently I added some Portfolios too.

Please follow the links to have a look or just follow the menu on the left.


Another, still continuing process, is the security of the website.
I mean, you can read a lot of hackers messing up a lot, lately. Really, I do not understand what the fun is in doing that.
Together with my provider and a lot of self-study, I think I’m getting there.
Obviously, it is all part of ShiftyNL Photography getting shape again.

Home, ShiftyNL photography getting shape
What is next?

Correct, keep working on my content and find the time to add new photos.
With regard to my 2023 planning, I have some work to do as well.

Obviously, if there are some, I’ll visit some airshows again.
Aviation is one of my biggest hobbies. Always has been.

Nature, wildlife and their secrets and beautiful creatures are, of course, very good runner-ups.

So, plenty for ShiftyNL Photography getting in shape, again.

Please read my Privacy Policy over here.

And if you find that some photos, not my own, should be removed please send me an email!

02 Jan

Happy New Year

I might be a little bit too late with my best wishes but it’s better late than never.
So here you go, Happy New Year!!

2022 passed by so extremely fast that I really have to sit down and think about what happened last year.
Feeling the same way?

Stormy and difficult year

For me, it was a very stormy and difficult year as well.
My brother passed away as you might have read in this post.
It was June 5th 2022.
Although he did not see it that way, he lost a battle he never could have won.

The website

Obviously, as you could read in my last post, I’d need to build up my website again. That’s what happened for sure!
It totally crashed and I still don’t know why.
On the other hand, it gives me the opportunity to start a new clean site in a bit different way.

What’s next?

First of all, I have a few days off this week. A good start of a Happy New Year, right?
Obviously restoring my online galleries and getting one special post back online.
I’d post that after the passing away of my brother last year.

After that, it’s time to get back to work and of course, grab my camera again.
So stay tuned and please follow me on my social media accounts!

On the left bottom of the menu, you’ll find the links to all of them.
One of them is Facebook.

Take care and again, Happy New Year and may all your wishes come through.

The picture used above is designed by Hannazasimova - Freepik.com
25 Dec

A new beginning

Well, maybe you noticed or didn’t, but I’ve been out of order for a while.
It was time for a new beginning.

For some reason, my site crashed, and I could not post any photos or posts.
We tried everything with my hosting provider, but we still don’t know what happened in the last few weeks.
I noticed they had quite some tickets going on. Due to all the hacker news lately, I guess it had something to do with that.
But they did an excellent job! Very happy with them.

A fresh start for my website

Anyways, it allowed me to set things straight and start over with the website.
Creating the Galleries and Portfolio in a new way.
Especially the naming of the photos, which actually was a mess. Nothing wrong with a new beginning.

A new beginning

The photo above was one of the photos which had to be published in December.
Unfortunately, this didn’t happen.

But keep an eye on my site again. I’m back online.
Galleries and Portfolio and what else will follow soon.

Posting on social media

I’ll start posting again on my social media platforms as soon as possible.
That has been my goal for the last four years, and I like to continue doing so.

Holliday greetings

For now, I wish all of you happy holidays and an excellent 2023.
Make these days worth sharing with your friends and family.

You all take care!!

22 Jul

Never forever a goodbye

This is a repost of a sad moment in 2022, the passing away of my brother Johan Sjoers.
The original post was published on July 22nd 2022.

never, forever, a goodbye

Never forever a goodbye,

Never forever a goodbye.

Today it’s July 22nd. Your birthday.

We’ll celebrate this day, the day of your 53rd birthday.

You’re no longer with us. A few weeks ago we had to let you go. In the morning I’ll eat sunray.

I want to make the most of the day.

Giving, without wanting anything in return.

To live, because I’m not afraid.

“I have taken it, accepted it and made the most out of it.”

The disease

June 5th, 2022

We did visit you the day before in the afternoon. I helped you to get back in bed, upstairs, even though there was a bed in the living room.

You were fighting yourself, keeping control of everything. As always.

3 years ago you were diagnosed with esophageal cancer.

Boom….. The world is upside down for you and us.

Accordingly, surgery, chemotherapy, and a series of radiation treatments follow.

After a while, all seemed ok. Finally, recovery and picking up life again and the joy.

But no, fate decreed otherwise.

You felt it coming from afar. Something wasn’t right.

Again, visiting the hospitals, looking for solutions.

Surgery on the liver. Unfortunately, the disease had already spread too far.

No more options, other than chemotherapy and or radiation treatments.

You decided to go for quality instead of being sick of a treatment.

For another year and a half, You were with us.

You did everything that was possible, together with your family, children, grandchildren and friends.

Always stayed positive.

We have also learned a lot from that attitude ourselves.

Amazing how strong you have been.

It’s Sunday evening, the 5th of June when the phone rings.

We were getting ready for bed in our caravan.

It was 21.40 hrs.

The end

You died peacefully, surrounded by your dear girlfriend, your children, Twirre the dog, Tibbe and Jeske, the cats.

Due to your disease, you have been so tired the last few weeks.

As your big brother, and when I hugged you for the first time ever, you told me.

Your big brother who was always so far away.

Over the past year and a half, we have caught up with time.

Always too little time but intense moments when we were together.

Finally, you were able to let go.

It’s all right, little big man.

L’ultimo re lives on and will always have you in his heart.

You’ll not be forgotten. Never, forever, a goodbye.

I love you. I always have and always will.

Never forever a goodbye.

I’ll see you on the other side.


L'Ultimo Re

Here is a link where you can find a story about my brother doing one of his greatest passions.

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