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31 Oct

2023 Belgium Airforce Days

Belgium Airforce Days

2023 Belgium Airforce Days

Finally, an event for which we have waited so long, and this year, it was the 2023 Belgium Airforce Days.

Last year, we had the Sanicole Airshow, which was always a pleasure to visit. But this year, we had an Air Force base open for the public.
Thus, Airforce Base Klein Brogel was the destination to travel on the 8th, 9th and 10th of September.

I acquired a Spotters Day ticket for Friday the 8th, tailored for genuine military aviation aficionados.
These events are organized each year exclusively for a specific group.
Obviously, during these days, you’ll be able to take photos of aircraft and helicopters, which can be pretty special.

The second ticket was for the 9th of September because the Airbase was open to the extensive public.


For example, 2 Panavia Tornados from the German Air Force. The Tornado is one of my big favourites.
Of course, we could see more common fighter planes, but I had never seen one from the Portuguese Air Force. They showed up with the F-16 Falcon.
The fun factor was that one of their planes just made 100 flight hours compared to the 8000 flight hours of the Belgium Air Force F-16, FA-95.
This plane had its final hours this weekend and will retire afterwards.

2023 Belgium Airforce Days
2023 Belgium Airforce Days
Swedish Friends

During the Sanicole events, Sweden was at the party every year.  This year, we were fortunate enough to witness two vintage fighter planes at the 2023 Belgium Airforce Days. These were the Saab 35 Draken and the Saab 37 Vigen.

Saab 35 Draken was an interceptor fighter from the Swedish aircraft factory Saab. This fighter plane was operational in Denmark, Finland, Austria and Sweden air forces. Its first flight was on 25 Oktober 1955.

As a successor of the Saab 35 Draken, the Saab 37 Viggen was showing up. This aircraft was crafted with versatility, serving various purposes such as assault, pursuit, aerial defence, intelligence gathering, and instruction. Its maiden flight took place in February 1967.

In the gallery of November, you’ll see some photos of these beasts.

The weather

During this weekend, we were fortunate to have good weather. It was excellent.
On Friday, I was on the airfield from 09.00 to 16.30 hours. The temperature was 30 degrees Celsius.

Unfortunately, not all stands and exhibitions were open this Friday, making getting drinks or food difficult.
Of course, you have water and food with you during such an event, but with these temperatures. I did not have enough.

The organization made arrangements, but it was not close to where I stood.
I was completely done.
I decided not to go the next day due to the high temperatures.

Instead, I went sightseeing in Hasselt with my girlfriend, Sylvia. Later that Saturday, we had dinner in Genk.
Of course, it was still hot that day, but at least we could sit on a terrace in the shade with a cold drink.
The cities are worth it to look around for a day.

On Sunday, when we returned home, we passed the air base very close by.
Guess what?
We arrived at 11.30 hours to view the shows from the other side of the airfield! It’s a different view this time.

We finally went home, late in the evening, with many more photos too.

What’s next

After this September adventure, I have loads of photos.
I’ll show the best of the 2023 Belgium Airforce Days in November and December. At the end of the month, you’ll be able to see the complete galleries.

Please keep an eye on my social media channels and enjoy!!

You all take care for now!

19 Aug

Little and some big dogs

Little and some big dogs

Little and some big dogs, so yes, the September gallery will be for dogs only!

You may know I’m a huge dog friend if you visited my site and looked at my galleries.

Most will be puppies, but there will be a few biggies too.
Mother, Sister and a super dad called Mattie. All three and the puppies are from the Cane Corso rase.

Two of them will be of Loki. Such an adorable Cocker Spaniël.
Please wait until you see him.

Cane Corso

Cane Corso originally comes from Italy.
The breed is not so well known, but the origin of the cane corso dates back to the year 1200.
A cane corso of the Molosser type comes from the Roman Empire, just like the Mastino Napoletano.
The dog was used in Italy for various purposes.

In the past, you could see them with a small tail. I’m happy to see them with their ears and tails intact.
The other look made them seem quite aggressive, but this is untrue. (depending on how they breed them, of course)

My experience, so far, with this breed is that they are very social and family dogs. Just the way I like them the most.

Cocker Spaniel

Cocker Spaniels are dogs belonging to two breeds of the spaniel dog type: the American Cocker Spaniel and the English Cocker Spaniel, both commonly called simply Cocker Spaniel in their countries of origin. In the early 20th century, Cocker Spaniels also included small hunting spaniels.

The Little and some big dogs gallery show one of my photography passions.
I love pets as long as they are not ripped from their natural habitat.
This is a discussion-worthy subject.
Humans, with the uncontrollable urge to control everything it encounters, are not the suitable species to inhabit this world. At least a lot of them.

Anyway, I’m one of them, trying to be as good as possible for this world I live in.
One day all misstandings concerning nature and all the creatures living in it will find their way to the balance as it should be.

The following month I’ll post a photo of this gallery each day, starting on September the first.
So please keep a look out on my social media channels and enjoy!!

Take care for now!

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