2023 July gallery

2023 July gallery

With my 2023 galleries, I like to show everyone my photos taken with cameras or phones for the last couple of years, in the same way as this gallery, 2023 July gallery.
This time I’ll show you some awesome enormous cuteness. This month the Cane Corso is showing its best.

Since I was a kid, I was not sure at what age I was interested in photography. I remember taking photos with old Kodak cameras and flash blocks on top of it. Using black and white films until colour films became available.

At 17, I bought my first Minolta 300s camera with some basic lenses. Wow, I was proud of that camera
I spend loads of films, taking photos of everything.
At some point, I even started developing the films and making the prints myself as well. It was just awesome to do.

A new beginning with photography

On my page, About Me, you can read more about what happened next and why I picked photography back up in 2016.
This year I bought my first digital camera, the Nikon D7200.
Blood crawls where it can’t go. I was back in business again.

After a while, due to some inspiration from a friend, I started making my own free webpage to show my photos in galleries.
It was nothing special actually.
At some point, I decided to grab the bull at the horns and make my own website, with my own domain.
Obviously, this is where we are now. You can find my galleries by following this link

A bit later I started posting on several social media platforms, like Viewbug.
Down on the left menu, you’ll find the different social media platforms where I post one photo daily.
After a month the corresponding gallery, of that specific month, is published as well. 2023 June gallery is the previous one.

I hope you enjoy my work shown on this 2023 July gallery page.
Please come back and have a look or follow me on one of the social media platforms.

For now, you take care!

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