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08 Jan

ShiftyNL Photography getting shape

It takes time. A lot of time.
But slowly is ShiftyNL Photography getting shape again.

I mentioned what happened to my website in this post and this one


I republished quite a lot in the last couple of weeks:

I tried to sort the galleries in the same way I posted them on my social media channels.
Quite a job to do that ;-), but Tumbler has been a good help so far to do so.


Recently I added some Portfolios too.

Please follow the links to have a look or just follow the menu on the left.


Another, still continuing process, is the security of the website.
I mean, you can read a lot of hackers messing up a lot, lately. Really, I do not understand what the fun is in doing that.
Together with my provider and a lot of self-study, I think I’m getting there.
Obviously, it is all part of ShiftyNL Photography getting shape again.

ShiftyNL photography getting shape
What is next?

Correct, keep working on my content and find the time to add new photos.
With regard to my 2023 planning, I have some work to do as well.

Obviously, if there are some, I’ll visit some airshows again.
Aviation is one of my biggest hobbies. Always has been.

Nature, wildlife and their secrets and beautiful creatures are, of course, very good runner-ups.

So, plenty for ShiftyNL Photography getting in shape, again.

Please read my Privacy Policy over here.

And if you find that some photos, not my own, should be removed please send me an email!

25 Dec

A new beginning

A new beginning

Well, maybe you noticed, maybe you didn’t but I’ve been out of order for a while.
It was time for a new beginning

For some reason, my site crashed and I was not able to post any photos or posts.
Together with my hosting provider, we tried everything and we still don’t know what happened the last few weeks.
I noticed they had quite some tickets going on. Due to all the hacker news lately, I guess it had something to do with that.
But they did an awesome job! Very happy with them.

A fresh start for my website

Anyways, it gave me the opportunity to set things straight and start over with the website.
Creating the Galleries and Portfolio in a new way.
Especially the naming of the photos, which actually was a mess. Nothing wrong with a new beginning.

A new beginning

The photo above was one of the photos which had to be published in December.
Unfortunately, this didn’t happen.

But keep an eye on my site again. I’m back online.
Galleries and Portfolio and what else will follow soon.

Posting on social media

As soon as possible I’ll start posting again on my social media platforms.
That has been my goal for the last 4 years and I like to continue doing so.

Holliday greetings

For now, I wish all of you happy holidays and an amazing 2023.
Make these days worth sharing with your friends and family.

You all take care!!

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