All galleries are back online

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All galleries are back online

All Galleries are back online

All galleries are back online.

It took a while to find all photos of the last few years, which I posted and showed in a gallery. But I made it.
The first galleries from July 2018 and onward are available again. Last year in October and November, something went wrong with my provider.
Attempting logins from non-existing users, galleries no longer available, actually a total website breakdown.
But all galleries are back online, and the 2023 May gallery is online too.

In the meantime

In the meantime, everything went on as usual. After having the site back functioning, I could go on as if nothing had happened.
I started making more back-ups of everything to make sure this is not happening again in the future.
Maybe I’ll change my provider and move to one with a cloud solution.
Anyway, that’s something for later.


My son Edze is practising Taekwondo, and I’ve been asked to take photos during training sessions and tournaments.
Because of some privacy issues, I’m not posting them on my site and have them available for everyone but only for the Taekwondo participants.
Making indoor sports photos is something I’m not used to. So some experimenting is in order. I recently bought a new Fujifilm body. The X-H2…..
What a beast of a machine that is!!

The Fujifilm X-H2

I’ve been using the Fujifilm X-T3 for years and am very happy with it. Compared to the Nikon D7200 I bought in 2016, it is a fantastic camera.
I was orienting myself on a full-frame body, but in the end, it became the Fujifilm X-H2.
This decision was made because of the lenses I already owned for the Fujifilm bodies. To have more benefits from a full-frame body from Nikon, I also needed to look for other lenses with an F 2.8.
Of course, a full-frame body has advantages, but after reading some tests, I think the X-H2 will be fantastic to work with indoors.

And after doing some photography with the X-2H, I’m very impressed!

I’ll tell you more about the gear I use. Keep on the lookout 😉

What else?

This week I received the drone I ordered recently.
I’ll go with this bit of bird as some good weather is coming.
The drone has a 4K camera. I’m curious what that will give me.

Anyways, I hope to show some footage soon.

All galleries are back online, so look at my galleries and let me know what you think.

For now, take care and happy photographing!

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